The Rivalry Game of Time

It’s rivalry week in college football. I live in Northwest Ohio right on the border of Ohio and Michigan. This place is like few others during rivalry week. We are in Ohio but less than an hour away from the University of Michigan. This is where the line is drawn between the University of Michigan fans and The Ohio State University fans. Both teams have devoted fans living here in force!

Rivalry between schools is mostly done in good fun. The atmosphere is heightened as the opponents face against each other determining who is the better team. In many cases, the greatest reward for winning is the bragging rights that come with the victory. In your life, the reward is not that benign.

The rivalry game of your life is played with or without your knowledge. Your opponent’s name is Time. Every second time gains the advantage as you move closer to the end of your game. Those who are certain of their ultimate future should not fear death but should respect the reality of the opponent.

Recently a relatively young man told me he and his wife were planning a great vacation. They work hard and he said, “We don’t want to wait until affording the trip is easier, but we are not healthy enough to enjoy ourselves.” This is a family that recognizes the rival they are facing.

Time will not stop to allow you to accomplish the goals and realize the dreams you have for your life.

Time will not stop to allow you to accomplish the goals and realize the dreams you have for your life. Your job is to play the game with awareness. You can’t escape the effects of time, but you can win the game. Here are a few suggestions that can help you win the rivalry game with time.

1. Manage the game.

Not one of the players or coaches participating in any of the rivalry games simply waited to see how things turned out. They were managing every second of the clock!

It’s my conviction that time management is more important than money management. You can make more money, but time can’t be replaced. Use the time you have wisely, but also make sure you have the money to live out your time.

Using time wisely isn’t all about work and production. Consider how much time is needed for things like sleep, relaxation, communication with friends and family. Plan for that time and use it up completely. When it’s time to work, however, don’t procrastinate. Use every second on the clock. Manage the game!

2. Determine your goals.

You cannot manage what you do not understand. Do you have a goal for the game you are playing? What are you working to create? In the book Noel I propose that you were created to produce a destiny. You can get the book on Amazon by following this link:

The wisdom of time management is determined by the goal of the one managing the clock. If your goal is living a life of adventure with security being less important than you will manage your time differently. You may avoid a 9-5 job with set vacation times. You may pursue a commission based career allowing you periodic windfalls and a more flexible schedule while sacrificing a steady paycheck. That path is no more right or wrong than building a career in a steady and predictable job.

The determining factor of what is right or wrong is the goal. Does the direction of your life match the intention of your life? If not, change your direction! Determine your goals.

3. Build something that will outlive you.

Ultimately you win the game by building something that outlives you. It may be a business, a ministry, or a family. You may develop a protégé who carries on your work. You may invent a new product that changes how something is done around the world. Whatever you do, make sure it will outlive you.

I’m the father of sons and the pastor of a local church. I may never become wealthy, famous, or achieve what culture deems success. I will win however if as I pass from this life my eyes close on strong men who call me dad and a healthy church continuing to reach people for Christ. If what I’ve built outlives me, I win.

The old saying is, “Time stops for no man.” I’d continue the phrase with, “…but you can manage the time you have.” You begin winning the moment you take control of your time and begin living with intentionality. Time is your rival and you can win this game!