Micah Sutton is the Senior Pastor of Five Lakes Church in Sylvania, OH. He is an author, speaker, and executive coach.

A Guide for Dreamers. Leaders, and Doers

When God places a vision, a dream, into your life, it is rarely small. It will almost never seem possible. It will always provoke a sense of destiny. God is calling you to give birth to something unique. Are you willing to say “yes”? God has created a future with you in mind. Something for which He has specifically designed you. There is a job to complete, a destiny for you to fulfill. Your destiny will be unique to you, but the process of giving birth to that destiny will have commonalities with others. Mary had a destiny that only God could design. Using her life as a template NOEL reveals the process of giving birth to destiny that everyone experiences. It explores the tragedies and victories of moving into your future and offers proven solutions to some of the journey’s greatest obstacles. Books about creating almost anything fill bookshelves, but how to positively navigate the process is less accessible. NOEL is your guide to moving intentionally and strategically while remaining healthy through the process. It’s about bringing your God-designed destiny to life. AVAILABLE ON KINDLE AND PAPERBACK.

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