Why I Took a Year Off From Blogging

Life is rhythmic. We launched this blog a few years ago, and I was consistently writing, but then I wrote a book. It’s as simple as that. I couldn’t do both effectively, so I took a break from blogging. Now, the book is complete, and I’m back!

I wrote a book called NOEL because I saw a need to be addressed. Information is everywhere. Bookstore shelves and websites can be browsed, and information about how to create almost anything can be discovered. The information is wonderful and has helped people achieve great results through the application of that knowledge. I think the stories of great success and happiness are fewer than we would like to imagine.

The stories of people who pushed to achieve great things being destroyed by the process are easier to find. They thought they had what it took but discovered that success was harder to achieve than the information implied. They knew the steps to take but didn’t know how to navigate the process in a healthy and productive manner. The result is that something new was created, but the creator was left broken and hurt.

God created mankind to be creative. It is in the fabric of our DNA to create new and unique things from the structure of our lives.

The problem is that I believe God created mankind to be creative. It is in the fabric of our DNA to create new and unique things from the structure of our lives. What we create may be different, but creation is something our Father placed within us. The question in my mind became, “How does one give birth to a God-designed destiny and remain healthy in the process?”

I was pondering those questions when I began reading the New Testament again. Reading about Mary’s conversation with Gabriel affected me like never before. I began a study of the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus. She impacted the world more than most as she gave life to a God-designed destiny like no other. What’s more impressive is that after seeing her son willingly give His life for others, she didn’t simply walk away. She witnessed his death but doesn’t disconnect with the destiny she birthed. We find her gathered with 119 other people in a 2nd-floor room in Jerusalem waiting for the Promise of the Father. I’d read this before, but this time it seemed like a roadmap for the successful birthing of destiny was outlined before me. That revelation moved me to share that outline with those who know God has designed them for more!

You are perfectly capable of living out certain dreams. Work hard enough and you can buy a car, home, or the latest technological gadget. The God-designed destiny within you is different. It will stretch you beyond what you think you can bear and bring out of you what you didn’t know existed. When God places a vision, a dream, into your life, it is rarely small. It will almost never seem possible. It will always provoke a sense of destiny.

I believe God has created a future with you in mind. Something for which He has specifically designed you. There is a job to complete, a destiny for you to fulfill. Your destiny will be unique to you, but the process of giving birth to that destiny will have commonalities with others. Mary had a destiny that only God could design.

Using her life as a template NOEL reveals the process of giving birth to a destiny that everyone experiences. It explores the tragedies and victories of moving into your future and offers proven solutions to some of the journey’s greatest obstacles. Books about creating almost anything fill bookshelves, but how to positively navigate the process is less accessible. NOEL is your guide to moving intentionally and strategically while remaining healthy through the process. It’s about bringing your God-designed destiny to life.

If you know God has designed you for more I offer this roadmap to you. Click this link and begin bringing your God-designed destiny to life!

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